UniTe is the umbrella of the world associations of the University of Twente. It is our mission to make an important contribution to the life of international members of the University of Twente and to stimulate integration between the Dutch and International community. UniTe’s primary function is to support the associations in this sector. We do this by bringing representatives of all these associations together in monthly meetings, do activities together, helping them with procedures or issues (e.g. applying for FOBOS), and defending their interests with other parties. Secondarily, UniTe functions as an advisory body on matters on internationalization. This function we perform at all levels of the university: we help student associations and initiatives that want to have greater intergration, we collaborate with the Student Union, and we offer an international student perspective on new and existing university policies, practices, procedures, and activities.

In this second function, UniTe has come to command such respect, that we are considering adding a committee to UniTe to assist the board in this function.


World Associations Umbrella