About Us

What is UniTe?

UniTe is the umbrella association which represents the associations within the World Sector at the University of Twente. UniTe’s board consists of five students, taking up the positions of President/Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, PR & Marketing, and Internal/External Affairs.

UniTe’s Goals

UniTe’s main goal is to support the international members of the University of Twente and to assist the university with internationalization and inclusion. Further, UniTe stimulates integration between the International and the Dutch community.

What does UniTe do?

UniTe bridges the gap between the international students and the University of Twente by supporting the Student Associations within the World Sector. UniTe acts as an advisor and voices the concerns of international students to parties at various levels at the university.

We are in close contact with parties such as the Student Union, the University Council, CES and CES SOIR, and other Umbrella Associations.

Are you an international student? Reach us!

UniTe is open for contact with any parties that value internationalization.

If you ever come across difficulties during your student life at the University of Twente, we are here to be your voice!