The current (First Lustrum) Board of Unite for 2018/2019 are held by:

  • President: Nynke Tilkema
  • Secretary: Dorvanique Cocks
  • Treasurer: Rebeka Zanechalova
  • External Affairs: Saikiran Samudrala
  • Internal Affairs: Victor Okoro
  • Communication & PR: Lina Abdelaziz

UniTe board positions are part-time volunteer positions.

In addition to the independent board positions and the steering committee, UniTe works in consultation with the representatives of all member associations of UniTe and the International Office at University of Twente.


Past Board Positions:

Fourth Board (2017/2018) 

  • President: Jason Song
  • Secretary: Roseidys Primera
  • Treasurer: Didre Schutte
  • External Affairs: Naveen Kumar Setty
  • Communication & PR: Miriam Haas

Third Board (Jan 2017 – August 2017)

  • President: Arturo E. Pérez Rivera
  • Secretary: Andrea Sanchez
  • Treasurer: Naveen Kumar Setty
  • External Affairs: Didre Schutte

Second Board (2014-2016) 

  • President: Yonas Negash
  • External Affairs: Edwin Leusenkamp
  • Secretary/Events & Culture Affairs: Mandana Hohmann / Gelareh Ghaderi (till 02.2015)
  • Treasurer: Karina Vekļenko

First Board (2013-2014)

The board of 2013-2014 was the first formal board of UniTe, when UniTe attained a formal status and registered as an Association (i.e. a legal/formal entity) registered with the KvK on 04.06.2014. More details on the history of UniTe page.

  • President: Ajay Kumar
  • Vice-President: Carolin Witte
  • Events & Culture Affairs Officer: Jelita R. Wiyandini

Pre 2013:

  • President – 2011-2013 – Mareike Backhaus