History of UniTe

UniTe was founded around 2000 by the International Office to create a platform for student associations focused on internationalization and international oriented students. At that time the platform was named PITS. PITS stood for ‘Platform for International Twente Student associations’.

The goals were about the same as they are now, although over the years more associations have become a member and the list is still growing.

Any organization has its roots and a story behind its formation. The timeline below tries to put an overview of the timeline:

    • Early 90’s the Strategy of Internationalisation was introduced in the UT and the dialogue began.
    • The International Office organized the introduction week to welcome new incoming foreign students with the help of PITS in 2000.
  • Since then the PITS platform has helped and worked in close cooperation and support of the International Office and helped them in the International Food Festival in 2003