Bye-laws of UniTe

Bye-laws of UniTe – Platform for Internationalisation and Integration

(Version: 12.05.2014 – Disclaimer: This version in English is for indicative purpose only. For all legal purposes, the Dutch version shall be used and consulted. A latest copy can be requested by using the contact page.)

  1. Finances:
    1. The members do not pay a membership fee until the general meeting decides otherwise. (As per Dutch law of Associations, every member is obligated to pay some kind of fee, therefore, this term has been updated in the final version.)
  2. The board:
    1. The board shall consist of the following positions: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Events & Cultural Affairs officer, External Affairs officer.
    2. The chairman is appointed by means of this title. The board shall elect a secretary, treasurer, Events & Cultural Affairs officer, and External Affairs officer from among its members.
    3. The duties of the president shall be, to head all meetings, to call special meetings and to appoint committees. The president is responsible for formulating and ensuring compliance with the policy and strategy of the association. The president is responsible for representing the association at UT meetings or appoints another board member. The president is responsible for sponsorships and collaboration, supported by the External Affairs officer.
    4. The duties of the Secretary shall be, to ensure internal communication with members and committees including to keep an accurate, permanent record of meeting minutes and proceedings of the association, to keep updated the membership administration and incoming emails. As Vice President, the secretary is required to perform all duties of the President in his/her absence. The secretary supports the President with the tasks of formulating the policy and strategy as well as sponsorships and collaboration.
    5. The duties of the Treasurer shall be, to keep an accurate and complete record of all monetary transactions. Also the treasurer should develop the annual budget, activity budget, and to present an evaluation of actual cost per activity.
    6. The duties of the External Affairs officer shall be, to maintain external relations and communications with persons, bodies or organizations other than the members of the association, attract sponsorships and collaborations, and manage promotions and online presence of the association.
    7. The duties of the Events & Cultural Affairs officer shall be, to support members with the organization of events and to coordinate events of the association.
    8. The board will be advised by a Steering Committee also known as the Advisory board. The Steering Committee consists of at least three members consisting one or many individuals or representatives from: past UniTe member(s), Centre of Educational Support, the Student Union, the Student Council, the International Office, or senior faculty members of the UT interested in UniTe. The Steering Committee has assessment rights to evaluate the functioning of the UniTe board each year.
    9. The board meetings shall be held in the municipality where the association has its registered office.
    10. The president shall conduct the meetings; if the president is absent, the board shall designate another Board member as chairman.
  3. General meetings:
    1. General meetings shall not be held during the academic holidays, on public holidays or on Saturdays or Sundays.
    2. A written vote is only valid if it is written on paper or in an electronic, legible and reproducible message. The vote may only contain one of the following phrases: in favour, against, abstain.
    3. The meeting documents for the general meeting shall be sent to the members by e-mail at least one week before the general meeting. Members who wish to receive a printed version of the meeting documents will receive one on request at the board after five working days.
    4. The association may instruct an accountant to audit the balance sheet and the statement of income and expenditure. The general meeting shall be authorized to give such instruction. If the general meeting fails to do so, the board shall be authorised to instruct an accountant accordingly. The instruction given by the board can be withdrawn by the general meeting.
  4. Disciplinary measures:
    1. The maximum amount of a fine is 50€.
    2. The maximum period of suspension as defined in Article 4, paragraph 4 of the statutes is one year.

Final statement:

  1. The statutes and the bye-laws and other regulations can be inspected on request at any board member. They will furthermore be published on the website of UniTe.
  2. In cases not foreseen by these bye-laws, as well as in cases of doubt, the board will decide.
  3. These bye-laws may not contain any rule contradicting the statutes.