Help make the first inter-cultural event a success!

Open Podium 2014 is being organised on May 6, 2014 in partnership with Apollo.

open-podium2014-international-editionThe OpenPodium is an annual event organized by Apollo, this year it is happening with a partnership with UniTe. All associations belonging to the umbrella organization are allowed to give one or two presentations so there is a high variety in program. This may be music for the choir, dancing or theater. There will be performances from different cultural and international associations at UT which will show the cultural diversity that we have at our University.

To make this event a success we need your help! We need performers and we need volunteers to help organise! It is open to all UT students, alumni, staff/PhD and their families!

1) We are looking for individuals or groups that want to perform and show case their culture. Each performance can be 10-15 minute each. If you or anyone you know is interested, please use the form here and contact us soon! You can contact us before 21 April 2014 to register your interest! The main event promotions and program will be finalised by 22 April 2014. You can contact us by writing using this form – click here!

2) For this event to be a success we need a team to support the organising team. Please use the form below if you would like to volunteer and join our organising team to help with the event.

Create UT of Tomorrow – Vision 2020

1540364_1380064312260933_1432324933_oThe University of Twente is working on building the strategy for the future. Vision2020 is the initiative taken by the University where students, employees, alumni and external relations of the University are invited in a dialogue about a sharper strategy for the future. Everyone is invited to visit the dedicated website and send in their comments to the University. Please visit the Vision2020 Website.

On April 1, 2014 the event Create UT of tomorrow takes place where several people come together and spend a day brainstorming on this Vision2020 on the 10 key theme areas.

UniTe is participating in the event with individuals from multiple member associations to bring forward the view point of the International students at the University of Twente. UniTe has two teams participating on the day who will contribute to the ideas for the event.

UniTe Team #1 – Diversifiers of UT

  1. Ajay Kumar – President – UniTe
  2. Jonathan Barreaux – President – P-NUT
  3. Xiaohua Li – President – ACSSE
  4. Jelena Marjanovic – Financial/Women’s Commissioner – SAB-ITC
  5. Amie E. Corbin – Social Commissioner – SAB-ITC
  6. S. Mohammadreza Khelghati – President – IrNUT
  7. Jelita R Wiyandini – Events & Culture Head – UniTe
  8. Oguz Ural – External Affairs Coordinator – ESNTwente

UniTe Team #2

  1. Carolin Witte – Vice-President – UniTe
  2. Arthur A. Vernain-Perriot – Secretary & Vice President – ESNTwente
  3. Mitava Chaturvedi – President – ISA
  4. Femi Ojambati – Choir Director – ICF-E
  5. Andrea Sanchez Ramirez – External Relations – ICF-E
  6. Vania Quiroz – External/Internal Affairs – L.A. Voz

February KickIn 2014: Internationalisation Workshop for new students


As part of the February Kick-In 2014, UniTe in collaboration with Study Association Scintilla, conducted a workshop on introducing the new students on the topic of Internationalisation. The workshop was conducted by the Ajay (President, UniTe) and Robert (President, Scintilla) on 2nd February 2014 as part of the Kick-In activities.

(from L-R) [UniTe] Ajay, Carolin and [Scintilla] Robert
(from L-R) [UniTe] Ajay, Carolin and [Scintilla] Robert

Official UniTe LogoDuring the workshop new students were introduced about the practical issues and advise for study, stay and how they can make best use of participating in the various associations. The students were also informed about the typical dutch traditions and student life, were activism in associations is an integral way of student life.

The students found the workshop very useful and had a very engaging discussion with us! The presentation can be found here: February_Kick_IN_Internationalisation_Workshop_02-02-2014

International Students celebrate the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas


Sinterklaas / Saint Nicholas / Sint Nicolaas’ eve Celebration is a traditional Dutch winter holiday celebrated in the Netherlands. To celebrate the integration between the Dutch and Non-Dutch members of the University of Twente, UniTe organised the event where everyone came together and celebrated this Dutch tradition which is dear to every Dutch kid and grown-up alike on this day at the Bastille. The event was made possible with the support of Sirius and Student Union.


Around 50+ international students and dutch students were present at the event and had fun enjoying the tradition. With dutch music playing, they played games and exchanged gifts over a cup of hot chocolate milk!

More pictures from the event can be found here – on Facebook!

Thank you to everyone who attended and made this event possible!