Create UT of Tomorrow – Vision 2020

1540364_1380064312260933_1432324933_oThe University of Twente is working on building the strategy for the future. Vision2020 is the initiative taken by the University where students, employees, alumni and external relations of the University are invited in a dialogue about a sharper strategy for the future. Everyone is invited to visit the dedicated website and send in their comments to the University. Please visit the Vision2020 Website.

On April 1, 2014 the event Create UT of tomorrow takes place where several people come together and spend a day brainstorming on this Vision2020 on the 10 key theme areas.

UniTe is participating in the event with individuals from multiple member associations to bring forward the view point of the International students at the University of Twente. UniTe has two teams participating on the day who will contribute to the ideas for the event.

UniTe Team #1 – Diversifiers of UT

  1. Ajay Kumar – President – UniTe
  2. Jonathan Barreaux – President – P-NUT
  3. Xiaohua Li – President – ACSSE
  4. Jelena Marjanovic – Financial/Women’s Commissioner – SAB-ITC
  5. Amie E. Corbin – Social Commissioner – SAB-ITC
  6. S. Mohammadreza Khelghati – President – IrNUT
  7. Jelita R Wiyandini – Events & Culture Head – UniTe
  8. Oguz Ural – External Affairs Coordinator – ESNTwente

UniTe Team #2

  1. Carolin Witte – Vice-President – UniTe
  2. Arthur A. Vernain-Perriot – Secretary & Vice President – ESNTwente
  3. Mitava Chaturvedi – President – ISA
  4. Femi Ojambati – Choir Director – ICF-E
  5. Andrea Sanchez Ramirez – External Relations – ICF-E
  6. Vania Quiroz – External/Internal Affairs – L.A. Voz