February KickIn 2014: Internationalisation Workshop for new students


As part of the February Kick-In 2014, UniTe in collaboration with Study Association Scintilla, conducted a workshop on introducing the new students on the topic of Internationalisation. The workshop was conducted by the Ajay (President, UniTe) and Robert (President, Scintilla) on 2nd February 2014 as part of the Kick-In activities.

(from L-R) [UniTe] Ajay, Carolin and [Scintilla] Robert
(from L-R) [UniTe] Ajay, Carolin and [Scintilla] Robert

Official UniTe LogoDuring the workshop new students were introduced about the practical issues and advise for study, stay and how they can make best use of participating in the various associations. The students were also informed about the typical dutch traditions and student life, were activism in associations is an integral way of student life.

The students found the workshop very useful and had a very engaging discussion with us! The presentation can be found here: February_Kick_IN_Internationalisation_Workshop_02-02-2014