UniTe is now a registered Association

UniTe Board - Association Registration
UniTe Board 2013-2014: (from L-R) Jelita, Ajay & Carolin

On 04.06.2014, the board of UniTe signed the articles of association i.e. the statutes and bye-laws at the notary and also registered with the KvK. This marks a major milestone in the history of UniTe and a step forward in gaining recognition and providing a defined structure to the platform. With this step, the board of 2013-2014 also becomes the founding (legal) board of UniTe. All three of us would like to congratulate and thank all the members and well-wishers of UniTe who made this happen.



You can read the statutes and bye-laws.

Registration Information:
UniTe – Platform voor Internationalisering en Integratie
Bastille, Kamer 332 – Drienerlolaan 5 – Enschede – University of Twente.
KvK Number – 60814381